How to Find Freelance Travel Writing Jobs

Some people just can’t picture themselves in a cabin, surrounded by towers of files and unread documents, chasing down targets in 9-5 jobs. We call these people travellers.

Do you picture yourself sitting in a riverside cafe or a quaint little hut in a remote village away from civilisation, scribbling your travel experiences and stories? If you have stories to tell from your world travels, there are plenty of people out there more than willing to pay for that. The travel freelance content writing jobs hire a large number of travel content writers and you could be one of them too. Here’s how:

Offline : Newspapers and Magazines, Travel Journals

If you are a budding traveller and seeking for experience in travel writing, then you might want to consider contacting your local newspapers, or the travel journals that come out fortnightly. Write samples and keep submitting your work. There are a number of newspapers who look for guest posts and pay accordingly. Even if the pay is small, keep at it. Such work experience helps you build a convincing portfolio. Remember, consistency is key.



Your travel blog can earn you money. Yes, you heard that right. Although, there are a few tricks of the trade that you must keep in mind. First, you have to quite an avid and active blogger and keep your blog updated. Second, share it as much as you can. You can do it for free via all the social media platforms or pay a small amount to promote it on Google.
Even though a blog is a good place to start, make sure you know when to advance to a website. A personalised website just ensures the Editor that you are serious about being a travel content writer.


Nowadays, a large number of magazines have introduced their online version and are on the constant lookout for guest writers and/or permanent writers. Follow their newsletter and get in touch with the Editor, if possible. Once you are aware of the travel content writing jobs’ prospects, contacts and networks play a crucial role.

A number of renowned magazines, like Lonely Planet, Outlook, National Geographic Traveler provide excellent prospects to travel content writers. Like many other travel writers, if your dream has also been to work for one of these internationally acclaimed magazines, in print or online, then it’s time to hone your writing as well as marketing skills and follow up!


The ordinary job search engines that you so despise can prove to be deceptive. It turns out that they also offer lucrative travel content writing jobs for aspiring travel writers, both full-time and part-time. As a fresher, you must keep your eyes open to all kinds of opportunities and weigh the situation wisely. Good luck and all the best!



Travel Asia With Best Vacation Packages


By scheduling number of vacation packages in India you are able to discover these stunning places. Wonderful variety and travel the secret wonder that’s Asia! Well-known because of its – abundant wildlife, distinctive tradition, historic history, perfect seas, Amazing locations and unique food. Having a historic background 000 decades, of 5, Asia is just a big bundle of tale and tradition that never does not entertain visitors. But there’s also organic terser that is countless.

Discover the perfect vacation destinations and revel in off some soothing time from your own everyday program! Historic monuments, fascinating gold deserts, misty hillstations, beaches, pilgrimage sites backwaters, abundant wildlife and vibrant festivals, Asia is simply marvelous and unique. Flavor unique tastes, learn lively Indian towns, watch new projects, discover the perfect pure elegance and take part in distinctive social methods with Asia vacation packages.

Asia – a huge nation with incredible color contrasts in several other incredible locations, unique mixture of historic and contemporary tradition, spectacular natural splendor and shades. Start in India and visit a few of the stunning locations of hill hotels, wonderful monuments, history temples ponds, backwaters spectacular beaches and excellent beautiful appeal with natural splendor that is spectacular. Prepare to discover the amazing areas of the nation turning as travel packages to India. Many visitors from Asia go start to discover the intriguing elegance of those locations worldwide known vacations and excursions.

The wonder of the shores of Goa are tombs when you set base in Asia, large snow-covered hills and natural splendor of Kerlan and Manali requires one’s heart and also the new question of the Taj Mahal may abandon you mean hole. The magnificent Taj Mahal was created by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in-memory of his many precious wife Mumtaz Mahal.

A vacation in India will certainly provide you with fantastic chance to discover the wonder of character, contemporary and historic tradition, using the ideal blend, fiesta.

Spectacular And cheap Travel Packages – Offshore and Domestic


Throughout that is leftover dropped in function and spending nearly the whole amount of time in workplace (particularly living period of 9-5) makes one disappointed. An office work makes someone to usually take into account the work and holds your brain. There’s virtually no time to consider the private lifestyle. Therefore if there is a person truly tired of each one of these, he must emerge of the problem. Emerge does not imply that to depart the job, it is in order to appreciate living. A holiday that is good helps you to relate solely to ourselves and also to renew the minds. It’s the best way to reduce tension and disappointment by actively taking part in experiencing sporting activities and also to restore the. It’s to savor out the holidays there using the household.

Today don’t believe about the cash. There are lots of cheapest travel packages with comprehensive hotels which will make family holidays simple i.e. simple to budget providing low-fare air-tickets of routes that are cheap. The deals with best cost airline seats can be found for each holiday plan-you are thinking about. If one really wants to appreciate holiday on hills or seaside, they do not need to fear, as these low-fare airlines can be found for nearly all tourist places. These inexpensive holidays deals also provide a remain in a few of the exclusive resorts for discount. There are numerous discount vacation deals that provides wonderful such things as searching, sailing, activities (football, volleyball etc) and a whole lot more offering the website of holiday. These inexpensive travel packages are happiness providers for energetic teenagers and experience oriented households.

Going long-distance to get a holiday through four-wheeler by practice or often exhausts the individual. Of experiencing the holiday season 1 / 2 of the curiosity is dropped below just. However now numerous deals can be found that offer low-fare routes for that holiday visit. Going within the battle retains the hurry clean and energetic because it snaps out this one seems while touring with vehicles or trains. It decreases the tour’s time. You will find low-fare air-tickets for numerous holiday websites where individuals often come to savor. You will find best cost airline seats readily available for those individuals who have never sailed within the battle.

the cheapest travel packages and also the spectacular are incredible for individuals who do not consider holidays frequently enough due to money and time restrictions. These deals also provide the prepared picnics, bicycle trip etc. you will find competitions of numerous activities one of the numerous households which unbelievable experience and enhance the fantastic enjoyment. These holiday presents market the mind’s imagination. These discount travel packages are solution to health. It will help to depart concerns and the job for a while. There’s sensation to consider the planet again.

These may also enable your loved ones to surprise by preparing the holiday at costly websites with this specific discount deals. These are amusing deals which had fixed several issues out that the households confronted earlier. They needed to travel to savor the different locations had to set up for stay after which. But the planned excursions are offered by these deals at every single day. The full time is set for each location that’s to become visited and there-no throughout hurry. The households are taken through the vehicles up to every holiday website of the area and sufficient time is provided for satisfaction. Lunchtime, the breakfast and supper each one is set using the food that was great. Therefore the discount deals out fixed out several issues that when the households confronted earlier.

What Is Travel Insurance and Do I Need It?


Just Put Travel protection is the best approach to ensure your travel venture.

A travel protection arrangement is constrained term protection strategy made out of a bundle of advantages proposed to secure you, your travel speculation and your things.

At any rate, a great arrangement will give advantages to:

Trip Cancelation to repay your non-refundable travel game plans if you need to scratch off your outing for a secured reason before takeoff. Contingent upon the arrangement the reason can be vital. So selecting the right strategy is critical.

Trip Interruption to repay your unused travel plans if you need to hinder or return home ahead of schedule from your trek for a secured reason.

Therapeutic Expense/Emergency Assistance to cover medicinal costs and crisis transportation for a genuine ailment or damage that happens while you are voyaging.

Missed Connection to cover extra costs that you should pay to make interchange travel plans when a flight association is missed because of reasons, for example, awful climate or mechanical issues.

Set out Delay Benefits to cover your out-of-pocket costs for dinners and lodging when you are suddenly postponed because of flight deferrals or cancelations or for other comparative secured reasons. For the most part, you should be deferred for a predefined measure of time, for example, 6 or 8 hours or more.

Stuff and Baggage Delay to cover misfortune or harm to your things or individual things or the expense of purchasing toiletries or individual articles if your things is postponed for a predetermined measure of time, for example, 8 or 12 hours or more.

Some extra advantages that might be incorporated into the “Better” or “Best” arranges for the most part include:

Improvements to give more secured reasons on the off chance that you need to wipe out or interfere with your arranged outing. A large number of the “Best” arranges additionally incorporate a Cancel For Any Reason Benefit which permits you to scratch off your excursion, by and large two days or more before booked flight, for any reason at all and get an advantage for the vast majority of your non-refundable outing cost. This is by a long shot the most ideal approach and it for the most part doesn’t cost a great deal more. A decent travel specialist will suggest this.

Larger amounts of assurance for generally benefits

Extra advantages for things like Rental Car harm, Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

To comprehend which sort of arrangement (Good, Better or Best) is ideal for you, it is critical that you comprehend the advantages offered and how they may help you. For instance, on the off chance that you won’t lease an auto on your excursion, you won’t have to buy a rental auto harm advantage. On the off chance that you are going inside the United States, higher points of confinement of medicinal insurance may have less significance to you.

For an assortment of reasons, it is vital to buy travel protection when you book your excursion. Most arrangements contain time touchy arrangements that will restrict scope in the event that you hold up. This may incorporate restricting your scope to by not covering Pre-Existing medicinal conditions that have been dealt with or even that have been prescribed to be dealt with 60 – 180 days preceding the buy of the strategy. Something else that may not be secured would incorporate a supplier Bankruptcy or Insolvency scope, ie an aircraft leaving business, and the most will drop the best motivation to purchase protection, Cancel For Any Reason Benefit.

Why Buy Cancel For Any Reason?

Customary Travel protection covers numerous secured reasons that permit you to get your Trip Cancelation Benefit.

Without this imperative condition recollect not each conceivable reason is secured. For instance, the apprehension of voyaging or a change of psyche or other comparative optional reasons. The Cancel For Any Reason approach gives the voyager 100% flexibility to scratch off an excursion for a non-secured reason, by and large 2 days or more before the booked flight date, and be repaid for a rate of the cancelation punishment sum, (for example, 75% or 80%). Obviously, if an outing is wiped out for a secured reason, then repayment would be at 100% of the cancelation punishment sum under the Trip Cancelation Benefit.

Numerous individuals just consider themselves when choosing to buy travel protection and this can be an expensive misstep. For instance it is not exceptional for more youthful individuals to accept that since they are solid, travel protection is not required. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about guardians, grandparents, kids, grandchildren, close relatives and uncles? Keep in mind travel protection covers you if something transpires or to any of these individuals, making you drop your excursion. Likewise you might be solid now yet very frequently wounds from a dynamic way of life can abruptly show up, similar to a broken foot from playing softball or volleyball. Protection can likewise help you take care of additional expenses of returning home in the event that you tragically get harmed while on furlough.

By and large, the more scope the better the arrangement, however ask your travel operator which they recommend..The better approaches may cover a considerable lot of the accompanying extra reasons:

automatic end or exchange of work

air transporter deferrals or cancelations because of strike, terrible climate or mechanical breakdown

harm or demolition of your home or place of livelihood

a fear monger act or occurrence

disavowal of military leave

Chapter 11 or Insolvency of a carrier or other travel supplier

Also, obviously Cancel For Any Reason Benefits

In the event that you are obtaining a get-away on-line cautious, most destinations won’t or don’t offer you protection without chasing for it. They truly couldn’t care less about your travel simply getting your booking, where as a travel proficient needs to build up a longterm association with a cheerful faithful customer. While individuals regularly concentrate on maybe a couple concerns, for example, elderly relatives or political turmoil that may influence travel, it’s the surprising that happens: like Icelandic fountain of liquid magma ejections, Tsunamis, seismic tremors, tropical storms, winter storms, exuberant downpours without any end in sight… that can influence you or your travel speculation.

Completely refundable game plans (i.e.without any punishments or confinements) need not be safeguarded. For instance, numerous top of the line aircraft tickets, and some business class tickets are completely refundable. You ought to just purchase travel protection for paid ahead of time and non-refundable travel courses of action. Additionally recall that Non-money exchanges, for example, utilization of incessant explorer recompenses, timely riser rebates and so forth, for the most part can’t be secured as these things have no money esteem.

I prescribe continually acquiring protection and get the best scope you can bear. Contingent upon your circumstance recall that travel can be an immense venture, at some point the excursion of a lifetime. Unless you can stand to discard your speculation and not mind that it is gone please secure your venture with a decent quality travel protection strategy. Fly out Professionals prescribe this to our customers not on the grounds that we get rich offering it, but rather on the grounds that we need to ensure our customers and ensure they get what they put something aside for. Talk about your needs and worries with your Travel proficient and secure your venture.

Why Your Business Needs Corporate Travel Management


It is safe to say that you are an administrator or entrepreneur continually winding up sending representatives and business people to traditions, organizing occasions, and classes all around the nation? You are presumably finding the procedure somewhat distressing and have officially attempted diverse systems to make things less demanding. In the event that you have not gained much ground in streamlining your corporate travel, it’s justifiable. All things considered, sorting out corporate travel can be a testing undertaking paying little respect to the measure of your partnership. That is the reason you ought to get a corporate travel administration firm. A set up firm has the experience and skill that will make your business travel association a stroll in the recreation center. You would be shocked at the amount of time and cash you can save money on your corporate travel operations by permitting an expert to change, track, and trim a couple of things here and there.

On the off chance that you have been sorting out your corporate go in house, it’s a great opportunity to distribute your time all the more viably and outsource your travel administration to a firm. Did you realize that you could spare cash on corporate travel costs in more courses than one? Whether your workers are going to workshops in the US or setting out abroad to extend universal markets, you will have the capacity to profit by the administrations of a corporate travel administrator. From rebates on carrier travel and inns to vital cost bookkeeping traps, a travel administration firm has that uncommon sauce that helps your organization save.

A standout amongst the most alluring points of interest to working with a corporate travel administration firm is the reserve funds on airfare. In the event that you choose to join forces with a vast firm who buys aircraft tickets in mass you will effectively pay for the administration expenses utilizing the investment funds you understand on airfares alone. By working with a travel administration you build your purchasing power by requests of size and keep more trade out your cost account. Another way business travel firms can spare cash for your firm is by associating your representatives early with a few marked down inns so you don’t simply spare cash on inn costs, yet your workers spare time investigating inns. Furthermore, as we as a whole know, time is cash.

Another fantastic advantage of travel administration that ought not be downplayed is the duty and corporate bookkeeping counsel that is incorporated. A decent travel administration organization will have a one of a kind method for recording and consolidating travel costs that permits you to deduct more assessable costs from your corporate salary charges. On the off chance that you have not considered, recorded and followed each and every exchange that is represented amid a corporate voyage (which incorporates nourishment, drinks, an excitement costs) then your organization is paying a lot in expenses. The key is to discount everything identified with each business travel. This is a shrewd and superbly lawful technique that can spare your organization considerably more cash. You may consider the supreme bad dream of following each representative travel cost, however don’t stress, your travel supervisor will have that made sense of as well.

Corporate travel administration firms nowadays are amazingly insightful with regards to innovation. Numerous organizations offer a free application that permits every worker to track each and every cost as they go about their day on any given excursion. The information is transferred to the application server continuously permitting you to track costs, contrast with different workers and for the most part watch out for which costs are being charged to the corporate record and why. In the event that you favor not to see or manage this data, you can essentially ask for a status report toward the end of every month or after every trek and the firm will convey an outline of all costs to your cell phone or portable workstation.

Corporate travel administration is critical for any organization whether huge or little. Monitoring costs, acquiring shabby airfares and inn stays and also keeping the cost bookkeeping satisfactory is not an extravagance, it is basic for staying focused and maintaining a productive business. Most travel administration firms will charge a sensible expense that will pay for itself with a segment of the investment funds figured it out. Also, what is the dollar esteem that you put time permitting and that of your representatives? Any shrewd entrepreneur or corporate director realizes that time is cash.